• Blockchain Benefits to Organizations
    • Increased Security
    • Optimized Process Flow
    • Secure Network
    • Auditable Data
    • Transparent Processing
    • Smooth Integration

About Us

Myservices is a global full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies. End to end IT services, professional services and Blockchain solutions provider. The company is serving more than 60 over clients from a diverse array of industries across Asia region. The company’s focus is to achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions.

Myservices had major operations throughout Asia region. Scope of services is to also provide IT operation services, Projects and Continous Improvement. Blockchain development helping businesses transform the world in this new era of innovations. Our mission is to deliver innovative and end-to-end customized solutions in all aspects of the blockchain domain to retail businesses, healthcare providers, financial institutions, B2B companies, and blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. We help you flourish – We build the future – We spread the word


Myservices was established in 2009 by Alex Wong. A technology company headquartered in KL city. MYServices initially provided solutions for Software, Web, & Mobile solutions. We have delivered our solution to multiple clients across various industries. We also provide application development services on various technology platforms. Our clients range are from government, corporation, small medium enterprises , local councils to universities. We represent various global software principals and provide our expertise customizing and supporting multiple open source applications. We have now expanded our scope of services to create reliable, secure, and self-executing digital computer protocols for the facilitation and validation of contractual requirements. Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients, to whom all of Myservices is committed to deliver exceptional service and value.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

  1. Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
    Crowdfunding has become an alternative to venture capital funding. With Blockchain technology, MyServices provides end-to-end services from initiation to promotion of your ICO. Blockchain companies can raise funds for projects quickly using ICO and store value in the process. Our experienced and professional team can build custom made solutions for a secure and guaranteed crowd sale.

    Areas of expertise:
    ✓ Business & Technical Whitepaper
    ✓ Development of ICO Main Page
    ✓ Customization of ICO Dashboard
    ✓ Legal & Marketing Advice
    ✓ Integration Services

  2. Blockchain Solutions Development
    Blockchain solutions based on latest technology can set new market standards and reorganize various industries in the country and internationally. MyServices’s team is continuously finding innovative ways in proposing solutions to organizations using cutting-edge technologies. By enabling us to understand your organization’s business processes, we will recommend the best solution and strategies to meet your business requirements. This can lead your organization to become blockchain ready in no time.

    Services offered:
    ✓ Solution Development
    ✓ Public Blockchain
    ✓ Private Blockchain
    ✓ Integration to Legacy System
    ✓ Integration to Internet of Things (IoT)
    ✓ Integration using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

  3. Blockchain Consulting
    In MyServices, we don’t only create blockchain solutions; we believe in working and engaging with our customers to provide consulting services based on your organization’s expectations and needs. Our consultants can recommend and propose solutions based on your organization’s requirements. We work hand in hand with the users to understand current situation and propose solutions to improve and automate processes using blockchain solutions.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency provides a payment method to make payment transactions anytime anywhere as long as Internet connection is readily available. The platform we provide will enable users to perform online transactions without any intermediaries. This will eliminate any commission or personal information being given out. Investing in cryptocurrencies is safe as it is not easy to steal and sensitive information will not need to be provided to buy them.

The transactions can be made faster than traditional ones and lesser formalities are required. Profit can be doubled while trading and earning at the same time as cryptocurrency market value grows exponentially.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading Platform:
✓ Real time Transaction
✓ Eliminate Intermediaries
✓ Increase Profit


  1. Government Cloud
    This solution can convert public services into dynamic e-services for citizens and residents. The Government Cloud will provide a modernized platform by renewing the existing Government information systems using cloud technology. The cloud platform can provide the government agencies to integrate the existing agency centric IT infrastructure into shared resources. The solution will be developed in accordance with the National Security Standards to ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements. To provide a distributed information systems, the systems can be deployed in two locations.

    Benefits of Government Cloud:
    ✓ Centralized platform
    ✓ Leverage on existing systems
    ✓ Real time access

  2. State e-Services Portal
    A centralized State level e-Services Portal will provide the residents a one stop centre to view latest information and services using one login ID. The same platform can provide information from relevant government services to enable residents to access related information within one portal.

    Benefits of State e-Services Portal:
    ✓ Centralized platform
    ✓ Leverage on existing systems
    ✓ Real time access

  3. e-Cabinet
    The solution is a multi-user platform and has a scheduling tool to preschedule and provide latest information to the ministers. This web based and audio enabled solution enables the cabinet ministers to review the agenda before hand and provide their decisions online.
    For simple decisions, the online voting can be taken into consideration and the focus of the weekly cabinet meetings can focus on the major decision makings. Remote access for meetings can also be performed. This can provide a paperless environment when reports/document printing can be reduced and meeting time can be cut short.

    Benefits of e-Cabinet:
    ✓ Towards Paperless Environment
    ✓ Remote Access
    ✓ Reduce Time for Decision Making



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